Croq’Kilos Diet : Effective or Dangerous? Review

The Croq’Kilos diet is a successful slimming program designed for people who want to lose more than a few pounds.

It is a low calorie diet based on several types of menus to choose according to its slimming goal.

The Croq’Kilos diet offers weekly menus from breakfast to dinner, customizable according to your preferences.

However, that does not mean that this diet is suitable for everyone. It is important to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of the Croq’Kilos diet before making your decision.

In this article, we will see if the Croq’Kilos diet allows you to lose weight safely and sustainably.

Here is a preview of what you will learn in this article

  • How the Croq’Kilos diet works
  • Opinions on the Croq’Kilos diet
  • The main disadvantages of the Croq’Kilos regime
  • The cost of the Croq’Kilos slimming program
  • Why an extremely low calorie diet has disastrous health consequences
  • The answer to the question “Can the Croq’Kilos diet make you lose weight? “

What is the Croq’Kilos diet?

The Croq’Kilos diet is a low-calorie diet that is supposed to “make you lose pounds healthy and long-lasting”.

The Croq’Kilos slimming program is low calorie, which means that the weight loss is based on the decrease in daily calorie intake.

When you consume fewer calories than you spend, the body is forced to tap into fat stores.

The Croq’Kilos diet was designed by the M6 ​​group in collaboration with the online magazine Fourchette & Bikini.

In addition, it was established with the help of two nutritionists, Justine Marie and Anne-Laure Meunier, also food teachers.

The great particularity of the Croq’Kilos regime is that the different programs are to be followed online. The official website allows you to manage your personal program easily and to choose between different types of menus to achieve your slimming goal.

The Croq’Kilos program offers hundreds of simple carbohydrate recipes that are easy to prepare.

The site indicates that recipes are prepared in less than 20 minutes. This can be an asset when you do not want to spend too much time in the kitchen or lack inspiration to cook.

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How does the Croq’Kilos diet work?

Virtually everything happens online. For a monthly fee, the Croq’Kilos diet offers weekly menus based on your weight loss goal.

Before you can start the Croq’Kilos program, you will need to register and enter your personal information, including your weight, your height and your level of physical activity.

To determine your caloric needs as accurately as possible, it is recommended that you fill out the registration form as accurately as possible. This calculates your BMI and determines which formula is best for you.

Once registered, you have access to your personal page. After the, different menus are offered.

The slimming program Croq’Kilos offers the choice between three types of menus

  • The express menu with this menu, you consume about 1,200 calories a day. For most people, a 1,200-calorie diet allows you to lose weight and reach your target weight quickly.
  • The pleasure menu this menu brings 1,500 calories a day and allows you to lose weight without too much difficulty and restrictions. This menu leads to gradual weight loss.
  • The vegetarian menu This menu, as its name suggests, is suitable for vegetarians and does not contain animal protein. This menu averages 1,500 calories a day and is based exclusively on vegetarian and vegan recipes.

All menus include recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It seems possible to change and adapt the recipes according to his desires at any time.

If you have a dinner with family or friends, you have the opportunity to cook a meal of your choice. If a dish is not suitable for someone, you can replace it with another dish.

The site automatically generates the shopping list so you know exactly which foods to buy.

The Croq’Kilos program promises to those who follow the instructions a weight loss of about 5 kilos per month.

After 2 weeks of strict diet, one normally goes to the stabilization phase. If you have not lost weight, it is recommended to follow the diet for one more week.

Once his goal is reached, we move to the stabilization menu. This menu brings in an average of 1,800 calories a day.

Why follow the Croq’Kilos diet?

The Croq’Kilos diet is a typical low-calorie diet that includes low carbohydrate recipes and offers subscribers several types of menus ranging from 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day.

Instead of consuming 1,900 calories a day (which corresponds to the average needs of a woman aged between 18 and 40), she consumes between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day. In theory, this can lead to weight loss of one kilogram a week. But beware ! This loss of weight often corresponds to a loss of fat, but also of water.

Let me explain why.

An unhealthy lifestyle and a diet rich in carbohydrates lead to high water retention.

If you have high water retention, you will likely lose a lot of weight in the first few weeks as a low carb and low calorie diet causes fluid loss.

When you stop eating (simple) carbohydrates, you lose water for two reasons

The first reason is that consuming less carbohydrates promotes the elimination of sodium via the kidneys (). This causes a loss of water, but also the decrease in blood pressure as a bonus ().

The other reason is that glycogen binds to water in the liver and muscles. The body stores carbohydrates as glycogen. Glycogen has the property of binding to water. Each gram of glycogen corresponds to 3 grams of water.

When less carbohydrate-rich foods are consumed, glycogen stores decrease; this water is then eliminated. This has the particular advantage that one feels less inflated.

This phenomenon makes some people say that low calorie diets and low carbohydrates do not really work because “it is only water” that we lose.

However, it is an accepted idea …

Not only does a low-calorie diet cause fluid loss, but it also promotes the burning of fat.

Research shows that at the end of the first week of a low-calorie diet, 34% of the weight lost corresponds to fat loss. The rest is a loss of water and muscle ().

Short term benefits

In addition to rapid weight loss, low calorie diets are associated with several benefits

  • Prevention or even reverse of type 2 diabetes ()
  • Improved blood glucose ()
  • Low cholesterol
  • Slowing down the aging process (according to)
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure ()

Important these benefits have been observed in the short term.

A randomized study sheds light on the consequences of caloric restriction.

The researchers in this study followed 218 non-obese participants for two years. The average age was 38 and 70% of the participants were women (). At the beginning of the study, the BMI of the participants was between 22 and 28. The participants were divided into groups and had to follow their usual diet or a low calorie diet corresponding to a caloric restriction of 25%.

Participants were all encouraged to do 30 minutes of sport 5 days a week.

At the end of the study, the researchers found different results. First, as expected, participants who consumed fewer calories lost the most weight. On average, participants in this group lost 7.6 kg while those in the other group lost 0.4 kg.

But the most interesting is the impact of caloric restriction on the quality of life of the participants. Those whose caloric intake had been restricted reported a better mood and less stress on a daily basis. They felt that they were in better health throughout the study. They benefited in particular from a better quality of sleep. Finally, participants on a low-calorie diet experienced greater libido than those in the other group.

Great, you say maybe. If that’s how it is, go down below 1,200 calories. But that would be a mistake.

We would then get closer to one of only 800 calories a day. This type of diet often relies on the consumption of meal replacements in the form of shakes, bars or soups.

An extremely low calorie diet can lead to even faster weight loss, but such a diet is not good for your health and can even be dangerous in the long run. Over time, a deficiency of essential nutrients is developed. Not to mention that the risk of yoyo effect is very high ().

To lose weight effectively, it is better in most cases to consider a moderately low calorie diet (consume 500 calories less than you spend every day) rather than an extremely low calorie diet.

A moderate calorie diet is much easier to follow. Such a plan is especially less risky for people over 50 or who have other health problems.

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Weekly menus

Another advantage of this diet is that it offers a ready-to-use menu for the whole week (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner). You can choose from hundreds of recipes easily available on the site. No need to think about what to cook and more inspiration breakdowns.

In addition, the proposed recipes are easy to prepare. An asset when you can not afford to spend two hours in the kitchen every day.

The website also offers nutritional advice through the regular publication of articles to help you follow your diet.

Facebook support group

It should also be noted that the Croq’Kilos diet brings together a large community of subscribers who advise and support each other in their weight loss efforts.

Unlike, for example, the Croq’Kilos diet does not rely on participation in weekly meetings.

Subscribers communicate primarily online and are very active on social networks, including Facebook.

On Facebook, Croq’Kilos has a closed support group with more than 15,000 members. Subscribers share their experiences, their advice, their problems and their joys. In addition, 3 dieticians are there for subscribers questions.

The disadvantages of the Croq’Kilos regime

Like all diets, Croq’Kilos also has its advantages and disadvantages.

# 1 We spend a lot of time in the kitchen

The program Croq’Kilos may offer its subscribers a menu ready for the whole week, it does not mean that there is nothing more to do in the kitchen.

You have to buy and prepare all the ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After a day of work, preparing your dinner and lunch tomorrow is not always easy.

nº2 Yoyo effect

An extremely low calorie diet can be effective, but it rarely lasts a long time! When the diet stops, the pounds come back at a gallop.

This effect seems to be mainly related to the cellular stress that entails an extreme calorie deficit.

Researchers have identified a potential link between cellular stress observed in adipose tissue and the risk of weight gain as a result of weight loss (the so-called yoyo effect) ().

Eighteen healthy subjects participated in this study. All observed a diet for 8 weeks.

The first group consisted of people who had managed to maintain their target weight as a result of weight loss. The second group consisted of people who had gained weight after losing a few pounds.

The study showed that in some people, the stress that accumulates in fat cells during weight loss increases the chances of weight gain over the long term. The researchers discovered that fat cells do not consent to shed their fat so easily. To deal with stress, fat cells seek to replenish fat stores as quickly as possible.

This explains the yoyo effect that we see in many people who lose a lot of weight in a short time.

nº3 Increase of cortisol

A low-calorie diet that is extremely low in carbohydrates can have a very negative impact on your health.

The researchers found that low-calorie diets can lead to increased levels of cortisol, the main anti-stress hormone.

The prolonged stress causes the production of cortisol.

This hormone promotes the accumulation of abdominal fat () and increases appetite (). Doubly annoying!

# 4 Nutrient Deficiency

Following an extremely low calorie diet causes different body changes. For example, the body starts to draw energy from fat stores, which promotes weight loss. But that’s not all.

The body is also subject to fatigue and nutrient deficiencies.

A deficiency of iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 can lead to anemia and extreme fatigue (,).

It is also difficult to avoid muscle loss when following an extremely low calorie diet because this type of diet is often low in protein. However, maintaining muscle mass is particularly important for the proper functioning of the metabolism.

nº5 Decrease of fertility

You would like to have a child and plan to follow a strict low calorie diet? In this case, read on.

An extreme low calorie diet can lead to fertility problems. This is especially true for women.

Indeed, weight has a huge impact on fertility. Women who are underweight or overweight are prone to menstrual problems.

A caloric restriction of 20 to 40% continued for a few months can lead to fertility problems in women ().

In case of menstrual disorders during a low calorie diet, stop the diet immediately and consult your doctor.

Is the Croq’Kilos diet dangerous?

There is evidence that low-calorie diets can be dangerous for long-term health. Prolonged calorie restriction can cause psychological problems.

The most controversial study ever conducted on hunger provides the proof.

Several decades ago, American scientist Ancel Keys conducted research on the impact of a dietary deficiency on the physical and mental health of US soldiers. This is what was later called the Minnesota Starvation Experiment.

In November 1944, 36 healthy male volunteers were exposed to malnutrition for more than 6 months. Soldiers were limited to 1,600 calories a day on average and had to do daily physical activity.

Ancel Keys subjected them to high carbohydrate and low protein meals. His intention was to simulate the food of the inhabitants of Europe (at the time of this experiment, the Second World War was still raging in Europe and Asia). A great place was especially given to potatoes, cabbage and wholemeal bread. Despite this caloric restriction, Keys insisted that men continue to lead an active lifestyle, including walking more than 30 kilometers a week.

As the months went by, participants developed more and more psychological problems. They were depressed and apathetic and even practiced self-mutilation. In addition, they had lost their libido and showed less interest in social interactions. At the end of the experiment, these men weighed on average only 53 kg. When doctors wanted to restore their strength with extra calories, vitamins, and protein, it was initially ineffective.

It took these men almost a year to return to their old weight. But malnutrition had, after several months, caused them permanent physical and psychological damage ().

Imagine following a diet where you are always hungry and suffer from all kinds of health problems.

Would it really be worthwhile to follow such a regime?

So be reasonable and never follow an extremely low calorie diet too long.

In any case, hypocaloric diets are strongly discouraged for pregnant or breastfeeding women. In addition, they are not suitable for children and people suffering from certain health problems such as eating disorders.

Opinion on the Croq’Kilos diet

When we review the opinions on the Croq’Kilos regime found online, we find both positive opinions and negative opinions.

In general, subscribers enjoy the weekly menu and are excited to find a large active community on Facebook, where they can ask questions and share their experiences. In addition, the Croq’Kilos diet causes a relatively rapid weight loss. Of course, it is always appreciable when one wants to lose weight.

There are also negative opinions.

Criticism often comes from being stuck with a monthly subscription and the monotony of food (lots of cheese, chicken and cold dishes).

Here is a small selection from the many reviews and testimonials I found online

The dishes that I receive on my mailbox from week to week are very monotonous. I was expecting a lot more variety. It does not motivate me to continue the regime over time. I did not find communication with dieticians very good either. The program helped me lose a few pounds, but would not recommend to anyone the menus of this diet, too repetitive. – François

I’m 6 weeks old and I lost almost 5 kg. Overall, I am very satisfied. I know exactly what to do and usually do not spend a lot of time cooking. The recipes are very easy to make. My partner also likes the dishes I cook. The only drawback is that I sometimes have to store too much food for my taste. I have a very small freezer and sometimes I really do not know where to put everything. I must also say that often the products are rather expensive. We spend a lot more on food a month. – Dominica

How much does the Croq’Kilos diet cost?

If you have decided to follow the Croq’kilos scheme, you have the choice between a number of online subscription options.

  • The first option is the monthly subscription.

The monthly subscription costs 9,90 € the first month, then 14,90 € thereafter.

  • The second option is the quarterly subscription.

The subscription costs € 23.20 in the first quarter, then € 34.90 per quarter thereafter.

Once subscribed, you will have access to all recipes and menus.

The monthly cost is not excessive but the subscription is still paying.

In addition, you will have to stay subscribed for a certain number of months when you decide to stop the Croq’Kilos program. This is something to keep in mind.

Can the Croq’Kilos diet help to lose weight?

The Croq’kilos diet is a slimming program that can be easily integrated into everyday life.

Knowing exactly the menu allows you to prepare your dishes in advance for the rest of the week. This is particularly welcome when you have a busy job or lack of inspiration to cook.

Low calorie, the Croq’Kilos diet is not suitable for athletes and people whose work is very physical.

An extremely low calorie diet continued for a long time can lead to hormonal imbalances and all kinds of health problems. This is obviously the opposite of the goal of a caloric restriction.

It should therefore be emphasized if you are constantly hungry, increase your caloric intake, or opt for one, which will allow you to slim down with a smile and without being hungry.

To summarize, the Croq’kilos diet can make you lose a few pounds in a short time. As far as the long term is concerned, I am unfortunately much less optimistic.

Losing weight in a healthy way is based on the adoption of a healthy lifestyle rather than counting calories. The real work starts only once your target weight is reached. It is therefore crucial not to resume your old eating habits.

Adopting good eating habits takes longer than following an extremely low calorie diet, but that’s all long-term bonuses.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is key to losing your extra pounds and not taking them back. Changing one’s habits means behavioral change … And maybe that’s the hardest part.

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